Environmental Policy

The company has made a resolution to decrease negative environmental impact caused by the company´s operation by fulfilling the following:

  • All Icelandic laws and regulations related to environmental issues.
  • Increase environmental awareness of all employees with appropriate training and information about the environmental impact of the business and actions taken to reduce it.
  • Decrease exhaust emissions from vehicles, e.g. by training drivers in eco driving and providing coaches and buses that pollute as little as possible at each time (European Emission Standards).
  • Seek to use all raw materials and other resources responsibly and reduce waste sent to landfill as much as possible, emphasizing on sorting waste for recycling.
  • Monitor critical environmental impact of the company.
  • Inform passengers on all tours and excursions about the importance of environmental protection and show them how they can help and participate in fulfilling our goals.
  • Display the company´s environmental policy and inform employees and other interested  and encourage more awareness.

By having an environmental policy and enforcing it, Local Guides hope that future generations can enjoy the environment as current generations do.

The company focuses on being a leader as well as a role model for other companies in the same or similar business.